Today, I doodled outside…and used my iphone to capture it all.

This was my first time doodling outside on the ground, and recording the whole experience. This is how the turtle process went:

1. Used “Motion Cafe” app and set it to take a photo every 5 second
2. Used “iMovie” app to rotate the video
3. Used “Splice” app to put it all together (titles, video, photos, and music)

Overall it took about 2-3 hours, but at least half an hour was waiting for the iMovie app to install on my phone. I hope to get better making videos of my doodling adventures, but if not…at least you can check this one out. Thanks!

Turtle Wayne Doodling On Paper On The Ground:


Finished my first doodle artwork on 16×20 gallery panel, and now I’m on to the next one.

The following photo shows me about 4 hours into the second 16×20 gallery panel piece.  Since I’m been timing myself, I’ve been lucky that it’s usually on the hour or half-hour when I start and when I stop. That makes the logging of time and calculations of how long it takes pretty simple.  What can be easier is if I had one of those clocks they use in chess…where you slap a button and the time goes. If I had that I could take breaks or use the bathroom and still know I have an accurate account of my art making time. That would be awesome…and geeky.