Turtle Patch

February 16, 2011

I went to the Union City Patch welcoming/launch party last week.

My friend Zoneil is the editor for Union City Patch.

I met this elderly lady while exchanging my drink ticket for a Corona. I then proceeded to tell my life’s story to a cute Asian girl who’s 15 years younger than me…while we ate FREE food at Mexico Lindo.

I donated some Turtle Wayne kids tees for the raffle…but the Patch powers that be ended up forgetting about it…so I ended up giving some to some new people I met and selling one.

At the end of the party, I met one of the owners of an energy drink called Liquid Nitro. I tried a can and it got me pretty amped up. I talked about illustrating something crazy featuring the Liquid Nitro energy drink. Turtle Nitro!


Article about Union City Artists on Union City Patch.

Thanks Zoneil Maharaj!

Article about Turtle Wayne  on Union City Patch.

Artist Wayne Chan has doodled since he was in middle school. Now his freestyle art is being shown at an esteemed San Francisco art gallery.

Thanks Zoneil Maharaj!

Turtle Wayne Comes Out of His Shell

Thanks to everyone!