I went to a women’s boxing press conference for the very first time.

Ana Julaton is the first Filipino-American boxer to win the Women’s WBO Super Bantamweight and IBA Super Bantamweight titles. Nicknamed “The Hurricane,” she is also one of the “quickest” boxers ever to win a world title, having fought only five other professional bouts before winning the IBA Super Bantamweight title.

Go Ana The Hurricane Julaton! Go Turtle!

I got to play photographer during the press conference…so much fun.

The people joining me in playing “press conference photographer”.

Liquid Nitro & Vodka…Real Energy…Real Alcohol…NO BULL!


Drawing on female mannequin

February 23, 2011

is moving on along…towards the back.  As I stood back and looked at how the drawing is growing…I was like…hmmmm….this might actually turn out pretty goooood.  Up until this point..which is like 4-6 hours into it…I couldn’t picture how a fully doodled on sexy women mannequin would look like. But now I can!

Thanks again to Henry from Liquid Nitro for thee mannequins and support!


…not the phone android…but like a robot/android…that happens to be female…and have a very nice body…but no arms, legs, or head.

This is my first time drawing/doodling on a mannequin.  This is many times bigger and has more curves than the blank vinyl toys that I have drawn on in the past.  Also I never drew on what technically represents breasts, butt, and private area of a women. At times I’m so focused on drawing something that I don’t even know if I was drawing on a specific area of the body.

It’s just a blank canvas anyways…that happens to be in the shape of a female…that has a very nice body…but no arms, legs, or head.

Profile picture of Henry from Liquid Nitro that I digital drew on.


Henry from Liquid Nitro had quite an idea the other day. He saw a clothing store closing and they were selling their mannequins. Henry thought I could draw all over them. Have some for possible Liquid Nitro promotion art and some that I could do for galleries or my own.

So begins my Mannequins x Liquid Nitro x Turtle Wayne adventure.

There were a lot of mannequins for sale. We tried to select the ones in the best condition. How many mannequins can you fit into a Honda Civic?

We fitted 8 mannequins into a Honda Civic. If we got pulled over by a cop…that would of been interesting.

I told my dad about my mannequin mayhem and he got to work on creating a painting booth in the backyard where I could spray paint the mannequins. My dad’s awesome.

I realized how strange my life has become when it started to hail on me as I spray painted a male mannequin in the rain.

I went with a silver metallic paint to mimic the Liquid Nitro energy drink’s can. It kinda looks like a prop for some Sliver Surfer movie.

My fridge in my studio is now fully stocked with Liquid Nitro…REAL ENERGY…NO BULL!