Today, I want to share with you 10 more fun, crazy, and uncommon things I have drawn on. When I was gathering my photos for my post 10 Fun Things To Doodle On, I realized I have doodled on lots of things. So here is a list of more things to doodle on and a little bit about each one.

1. Toothpick

I took a Micron pen size 005 to the thickest toothpick I could find, and my teeth have never been the same.

2. Mannequin

A friend of mine bought a bunch of mannequins from a clothing store that was closing down. I spray painted a female one with silver then doodled all over it. If you walked in while I was drawing on some parts of this piece…it would of been awkward. Ah the things I go through for art…ha ha ha.

3. Apple

After drawing on a banana, it was only natural to draw on an apple. The shiny surface of the fruit made it very easily for the paint markers to do it’s thing. A doodle apple a day…keeps the sanity away…muhahaha.

4. Teapot

I found myself at an estate sale searching for something I can draw on to donate to the Union City Historical Museum, and this teapot found me. The kind people of the estate sale didn’t even charge me anything for it…I think it’s because I said it was going to be in the local museum. Maybe I should say that more often.

5. Vinyl Record Sleeve

I was hanging out with my girlfriend at a used book store, and stumbled upon shelves of used vinyl records for about $0.50 to $1.00 a piece. So we went through all the records looking for the best ones suited for doodling. This one was my first one and one of my followers, Turtle Candace, quickly emailed me and bought it when she saw it. Thanks Candace!

6. Vinyl Toy

This doodled up Munny was one of the earliest pieces where I drew on objects. It taught me a lot about how to draw on curved shapes and hard to paint marker places.

7. Bike

A friend of my curators, really wanted me to doodle on her white bike. So one Sunday she stopped by with her bike and commissioned me to doodle on it. It now matches her car’s license plates! Thanks Turtle Laurie!

8. Ketchup Packet

My fellow artist isketchupp on Instagram suggested/challenged me to draw on ketchup packets. So I did.

9. Rock

I don’t remember what compelled me to draw on a rock, but I do remember it being fairly fun and easy. Turtles Rock!

10. Hotel Fire Escape Door

Thanks to fellow artist, Gun-Woo-Pak, for asking me to draw on a wall with him at the Hotel des Arts in San Francisco. I ended up drawing on the fire escape door, and it actually appeared on Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover: San Francisco for about one second.

What fun, crazy, or uncommon thing would you suggest to draw on?


Drawing on a Mannequin

February 27, 2012

Started drawing on a mannequin yo.

Overdue Updates

May 10, 2011

100% done with first female mannequin.

It’s chilling with it’s brothers and sisters in an undisclosed studio.

Female mannequin has 19 brothers/sisters…all patiently waiting to be drawn on.

Experimenting with chalk in the nice weather.

Getting black chalk (not charcoal)…was harder than I thought.

If black chalk was abundant…the piece would of ending up looking like this:

Checked out a Pancakes ‘n Booze Art event in San Francisco and took these pics on my phone:

The event had a band playing musics, FREE pancakes, and LIVE body painting in addition to artists and their artwork.

The artist showed me a sketch of what she was going to paint on her friend/model.

Never seen someone so happy…so naked…so painted.

Checked out Leah Smithson‘s closing reception at Hotel Des Arts. Leah was doing some live painting on her giclee prints of her various artwork…super cool.

GOOP holding down his post and cool guy Channing taking a photo of me taking a photo of them.

Some super-fun-giggly-girls taking a photo of me taking a photo of them taking a photo of me.

Finished and delivered my turtle pieces for upcoming group art show:

&THEM Presents – Chutes & Ladders Art Show – Opening Reception

I hope you can make it out to my second group art show! -twayne
&THEM Presents – Chutes & Ladders Art Show – Opening Reception

Quick Update

February 27, 2011

Approximately 69.9% done with first female mannequin.

Continuing to build up my turtle tee collection.

Finished commissioned-art-surprise-gift for my friend’s friend.

Experimenting with ways to photograph turtle tees.

Got an upcoming group art show in May. I’ll be preparing for that soon. GO TURTLE!

Drawing on female mannequin

February 23, 2011

is moving on along…towards the back.  As I stood back and looked at how the drawing is growing…I was like…hmmmm….this might actually turn out pretty goooood.  Up until this point..which is like 4-6 hours into it…I couldn’t picture how a fully doodled on sexy women mannequin would look like. But now I can!

Thanks again to Henry from Liquid Nitro for thee mannequins and support!


…not the phone android…but like a robot/android…that happens to be female…and have a very nice body…but no arms, legs, or head.

This is my first time drawing/doodling on a mannequin.  This is many times bigger and has more curves than the blank vinyl toys that I have drawn on in the past.  Also I never drew on what technically represents breasts, butt, and private area of a women. At times I’m so focused on drawing something that I don’t even know if I was drawing on a specific area of the body.

It’s just a blank canvas anyways…that happens to be in the shape of a female…that has a very nice body…but no arms, legs, or head.

Profile picture of Henry from Liquid Nitro that I digital drew on.