If you don’t mind the tiny words printed on them, paint swatches at any home improvement store are great to draw on!
I gravitate towards the lighter colored swatches, but I don’t discriminate by size. I grabbed some small ones, ones with rounded corners, even ones with square holes in them.


FREE Stuff To Draw On

March 10, 2012

Today, I ran out of good paper (Strathmore’s linen canvas). Fortunately, the art gods smile upon me and so do the nice people at freepeople.com. Ever since I bought something from them online two Christmases ago…they send me their catalogs about every other month.

The Top 5 reasons why I like to draw in Free People catalogs:
1. The pages have plenty of white space
2. The paper is semi-glossy (pairs excellently with decocolor paint markers)
3. The text is kept to a minimum
4. The models are purdy
5. It’s FREE

Here are some of my Free People catalog doodles:




What FREE stuff do you draw on?