The Levels Of Flattery

March 23, 2012

Today, it just hit me that I’ve been receiving the highest level of flattery for weeks now. Followers of my artwork have been creating works they say are “inspired by Turtle Wayne”. I’m totally flattered, honored, and still a little stunned that others would pay me the highest compliment by mimicking and copying my drawings. I would like to share some of my favorites and also list how I break down the different levels of compliments.

The 4 Levels Of Flattery:
1. “This drawing is good.”
2. “This drawing is f-ing good.”
3. “How much is this drawing?”
4. “This drawing is inspired by you.”

I’ve sold a few drawings, and it feels good. But these works of art that are “inspired by Turtle Wayne”…well they make me feel f-ing good.
By Turtle Astri
By Turtle Michelle
By Turtle Nia
By Turtle Esh