Just the other day, Turtle Clariz asked: “Have u got any tips for beginner who want to draw? Xoxo from Sweden 🌸”

That’s a good question! Um if you want to draw…then draw. If you got hang ups like “I can’t draw” or “I suck at drawing” then decide on one thing like an object or animal and draw that 100 times. Draw that one thing till you know you can draw that one thing and YOU love it. Master that and you’ll always have something to draw, and also overcome artist’s block if that comes up too.

My one thing is the turtle…surprise surprise ✌😁✌


Today, Turtle Clariz posted this drawing up:

Awesome! 👍

Have you got any tips for beginners who want to draw? Xoxo from California 🌴


Kina Grannis x Turtle Wayne

February 20, 2011

I think what I just made is called “fan art”…dang I should of drew in some fans. If you scroll down you can see in reverse my steps that led to the drawing/doodle of the lovely musician Kina Grannis.

Finished my first doodle artwork on 16×20 gallery panel, and now I’m on to the next one.

The following photo shows me about 4 hours into the second 16×20 gallery panel piece.  Since I’m been timing myself, I’ve been lucky that it’s usually on the hour or half-hour when I start and when I stop. That makes the logging of time and calculations of how long it takes pretty simple.  What can be easier is if I had one of those clocks they use in chess…where you slap a button and the time goes. If I had that I could take breaks or use the bathroom and still know I have an accurate account of my art making time. That would be awesome…and geeky.