April Wondercon Day

April 1, 2011

On my BART ride to Wondercon, I met this chick who owned a sweet bike. The front of the bike was all up in my personal turtle space, so she asked if I was cool with that and we got to chatting. Ended up giving her a Turtle Wayne Pin which she put right next to her Sarah Palin pin.

The world needs a lot of things. I think the world needs more days where people can dress up like incredible bee men and women. Maybe not every day…but every other day.

My Artwork neighbor from The Stories x The Step group show, Stitchmind, at his booth in the Artist’s Alley.

Cockblock Doll…ha ha ha…pure awesomeness! Wouldn’t YOU &THEM agree?

Ran into my old high school classmate ONESICKINDIVIDUAL..who was the senior favorite voted “The Next Picasso”. That’s a pretty hefty title to live up to man. Makes you wonder what the people that were voted “Most Likely to Save the World” and “An Oscar winner” are at in their lives. They probably not as close as this guy is to living up to his title.

He draw characters from movies, comics, games, and anything & everything under the sun in his super-otaku-graf-toon-sick-style!

And oh yeah people…I know him! (photo from my high school yearbook)

Also great running into another art comrade from high school…Black Sheep Comics. He has a manga-goonie drawing style…and his Skull Bunny toys are friggin AWESOME! I think you would all agree that he should give me TWO next time he sees me. One for me and one for you. See I didn’t forget about you man.

I also met a bunch of new artists….like Marsh Rocket artist/writer, Jules Rivera…seen here rocking a Turtle Wayne Pin.

And that in short was my day at Wondercon.
Turtle Trooper


Turtle Wayne x Homeless Guy with Golden Voice x Listening to Wiz Khalifa’s song: Black and Yellow x Woody Woodpecker = This Drawing

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