When I got to Hotel Des Arts, issa was doing an artpiece in chalk to promote the show.

She handed me what was left of the green chalk stick, and I drew a turtle. Thanks issa…I will forever cherish watching random people walk all over your art and my turtle.

I met the dj first and took a shot of their perspective from their table. Mos Def’s stunt double was there…nice.

My stuff is on the lobby floor…down the hall towards the back. Here let me show you.

Turtle Hello Kitty got me the most compliments. Also I met some new nice people that really dug my art and wanted me to sketch something for them on the spot.

Got 10 of my limited edition hand vinyl transferred Turtle Tees up for display too. SWAG!

This is what I got from the show…artist cards to add to my growing collection.

I wanted to show my gratitude and thanks to everyone that went to the opening so I passed out about 40 turtle pins that are the same colorways as the turtles that are currently hanging there.

Thanks to &THEM, Hotel Des Arts, Quan Yin People, artists, and everyone that went! I had a great time! -twayne


Overdue Updates

May 10, 2011

100% done with first female mannequin.

It’s chilling with it’s brothers and sisters in an undisclosed studio.

Female mannequin has 19 brothers/sisters…all patiently waiting to be drawn on.

Experimenting with chalk in the nice weather.

Getting black chalk (not charcoal)…was harder than I thought.

If black chalk was abundant…the piece would of ending up looking like this:

Checked out a Pancakes ‘n Booze Art event in San Francisco and took these pics on my phone:

The event had a band playing musics, FREE pancakes, and LIVE body painting in addition to artists and their artwork.

The artist showed me a sketch of what she was going to paint on her friend/model.

Never seen someone so happy…so naked…so painted.

Checked out Leah Smithson‘s closing reception at Hotel Des Arts. Leah was doing some live painting on her giclee prints of her various artwork…super cool.

GOOP holding down his post and cool guy Channing taking a photo of me taking a photo of them.

Some super-fun-giggly-girls taking a photo of me taking a photo of them taking a photo of me.

Finished and delivered my turtle pieces for upcoming group art show:

&THEM Presents – Chutes & Ladders Art Show – Opening Reception

I hope you can make it out to my second group art show! -twayne
&THEM Presents – Chutes & Ladders Art Show – Opening Reception

Hi! I’ll be a part of an upcoming super massive fantastic group art show in a couple of weeks. Come check it out!

&THEM presents: CHUTES & LADDERS – Opening Reception


Artists Featured:

Warner Williams, Stitchmind, JToddO, Basic Lee, Bryant Sina, Cristine Blanco, Dyno, Emagn, Ethel Maharaj, Gun-Woo Pak, Jennifer Servo, JP Neang, Justin De La Cuesta, Kim Webster, Krys Simon, Laura Ho, Nick Trujillo, Paciano Triunfo, Remy Hilo, Turtle Wayne, and Sean Miller

Where: Hotel Des Arts San Francisco…447 Bush St. SF

When: Thursday, May 19, 2011

Time: 7PM-9:30PM

Hope to see your face there!

&THEM will be presenting a group art show at Hotel Des Arts in May titled, “Chutes and Ladders”. I’m making a series of turtles with different shells featuring various childhood characters and objects. If it’s what it was like before…it should be a very fun event and show.

Save the date…5/19/11 for the opening yo.


Wrecked Review did a review with a first person account of the show and videos! Check it out at Wrecked Reviews.



Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from the fire escape door at Hotel Des Arts.

JToddo sketching on my left.

Emagn1 sketching on my right (Thanks for the Hennessy!)

GOOP sketching for the ladies.

Two ladies posing with Turtle Wayne stickers.

Met Paciano in the hallway near his photos he shot. The project shows girls in the different room at Hotel Des Arts…I love it man…Project: Valentines. The photos were printed by Walls360, and I wanted to draw on one. So Paciano pointed one out…we put 5 minutes on the clock…and did a collaboration right then and there.

&THEM together getting interviewed.

Wrecked Reviews asking all the tough questions.

This is what passes as a film crew nowadays…cool.

&THEM is in the building..and on the building.

Had to include this photo that my friend Merv sent me of his puppy with the Turtle Wayne pen I gave him at the closing reception.



In between


Hello…on the 17th of this month: “Stories x The Step” Closing Reception (RSVP on Facebook)…at Hotel Des Arts on 447 Bush Street, San Francisco, California…starts at 6:59pm…ends around 9:29pm…FREE event…FREE drinks…FREE sketches…BYOSB (Bring Your Own Sketch Book)!

This event is to bring a close to the show that started in December. It highlights 11 artists in the prestigious Hotel Des Arts in San Francisco.

The curators of “Stories x The Step” are &THEM Collective: Chevonne Rampas, Neal Hilo, Kevin Correa, & Francis Ramos. (Andthem.Tumblr.com)

Featured artists are:

Devon Bealick – dbealick.blogspot.com
Jessica Gill – mincebeast.wordpress.com
Dominic Grun – dominic.grun@gmail.com
JToddo – jtodd0.com
Eric Nodora – emagn1.blogspot.com
Denisse Ogata – kallitochtli@live.com
Ichii Ohryin – ichiiart.com
Gun-Woo Pak – goop.lifeyo.com
Bryant Sina – etoeater.tumblr.com
Stitchmind – stitchmind.com
Turtle Wayne – turtlewayne.com

Come check out the show one last time and get some new sketches for your sketch book! If Yan can cook…so can You! – Turtle Wayne

Article about Union City Artists on Union City Patch.

Thanks Zoneil Maharaj!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Winter Art Show at Hotel Des Arts. I had a good time seeing familiar faces in new places and meeting new faces at those same places.

Group photo of the hotel staff, curators, and artists (most of these photos are courtesy of &THEM).

Me at my first group show…in my first group show pose.

The curators…&THEM…and Jeremy Fish (who has a painted room at the hotel).

Turtle Wayne: Hey Jessica…are the women you paint…are they real women?

Jessica Gill: No

Turtle Wayne: Hey JToddO…are you trying to start some art beef with Turtle Wayne?

JToddO: No…yes…maybe.

Turtle Wayne: Hey Gun…our styles are very similar.

Gun: Yeah.

Doing my handsome boy modeling pose next to my artwork.

Close-up of the cards I made for the &THEM curators.

Francis and Chevonne and the card.

Had all four curators sign their cards…so I can keep for memories.

I stayed at the painted room by David Choe.

A bunch of people I met at the show really wanted to check out the room. So I gave a few room tours.

You know it’s a good time when you don’t get to bed till 3am in the morning.

Thanks again to everyone for making my first group art show opening an awesome one!