This past week, I reached 1000 followers on Instagram! Which was one of my silly personal goals I set for myself this year.

Here are my 3 Turtle Tips To Grow Your Instagram Following:

1. Like, Comment, and Follow the people that use the same #tags as you do. My favorite tag is #doodle and have met lots of dope doodlers from exploring the #doodle folder. Doing this can take some time, but if you enjoy your tag you tagged your photo with…it’s fun and you’ll find good people to follow and follow you.

2. Create A Contest. Have a good prize or prizes related to what you post, and your current followers will help you spread your photos. Which in turn gets you more followers and people to follow.

3. Go, Flow, Soul, and Grow (you can interpret this however you want…haha)

Having turtle followers that like, comment, and share my art is awesome. The positivity of all the people for my art has kept me going and drawing. Thanks!

What do you do to get more followers?


Facts About Turtle Wayne

March 15, 2012

Today, I’m going to do this “5 Facts about me” tag game on Instagram. Turtle Joshua (@imapirate) tagged me the other day, and that got me thinking about some of my facts. So here is my brainstorm list:

Facts About Turtle Wayne:
– Uses left hand to hold pen and chopsticks
– Uses right hand to wipe butt and shake hands
– Been hospitalized for alcohol poisoning…twice
– Has 2 girlfriends…1 is real
– Has a B.A. in Art and a M.A. in Multimedia, but no job
– Listens to Eckhart Tolle when he can’t sleep…
– Can freestyle rap/rhyme…in the car…by himself.
– Sprinkles french fries in his ketchup
– Addicted to Naruto Manga…
– Loves to draw/doodle
– Loves turtles
– Loves you

What is one fact about you?

I almost always have a pen with me. And often enough it’s a Turtle Wayne permanent marker…which is just my logo printed onto a blank sharpie. I got them made by because I figured since I would use sharpies my whole life…they might as well be Turtle Wayne ones.

Being an artist, having my own pen is cool. It’s even cooler when the richest living artist of our time, Dave Choe, signs the pen.

But having your own pen is not always good. Last month I was at a house party, and a guy asked if anyone had a pen on them. My Turtle Wayne pen flew out of my pocket thinking it was volunteering to name a beer cup. But no…poor Turtle Wayne pen number 13 was used to do this:

Not only do I have to throw away the contaminated pen, but now when the victim…let’s call him “Fun Hole”…eventually sees photos of his body and face getting defaced…he might wonder…who is Turtle Wayne? And why did this Turtle Wayne let this happen to me!?

Fun Hole…if you happen to see that a Turtle Wayne pen was used on you at the party…and you googled “Turtle Wayne”…and you found my site and this blog…and reading this. Well, sorry man…I didn’t know…and when I did…um…I was outnumbered…and um…I was laughing too hard. Please don’t kill me.

FREE Stuff To Draw On

March 10, 2012

Today, I ran out of good paper (Strathmore’s linen canvas). Fortunately, the art gods smile upon me and so do the nice people at Ever since I bought something from them online two Christmases ago…they send me their catalogs about every other month.

The Top 5 reasons why I like to draw in Free People catalogs:
1. The pages have plenty of white space
2. The paper is semi-glossy (pairs excellently with decocolor paint markers)
3. The text is kept to a minimum
4. The models are purdy
5. It’s FREE

Here are some of my Free People catalog doodles:




What FREE stuff do you draw on?

Fruit Doodle

March 8, 2012

Recently, I came across the drawings of Stephan Brushe (@isteef) on Instagram. Brushe likes to draw bunnies, gnomes, skulls, and trees. And he sometimes draws on BANANAS!


I like the idea of drawing on bananas so I drew on one too with my decocolor paint markers.

The surface of the banana is so easy to doodle on with paint markers. Brushe tells me he eats his painted bananas, but I decided not to eat mine…haha.

What fruit should I try to doodle on next?

Just the other day, Turtle Clariz asked: “Have u got any tips for beginner who want to draw? Xoxo from Sweden 🌸”

That’s a good question! Um if you want to draw…then draw. If you got hang ups like “I can’t draw” or “I suck at drawing” then decide on one thing like an object or animal and draw that 100 times. Draw that one thing till you know you can draw that one thing and YOU love it. Master that and you’ll always have something to draw, and also overcome artist’s block if that comes up too.

My one thing is the turtle…surprise surprise ✌😁✌


Today, Turtle Clariz posted this drawing up:

Awesome! 👍

Have you got any tips for beginners who want to draw? Xoxo from California 🌴

This past Sunday, I got to draw on Laurie’s bike. This was the first time I drew on a bike and was excited to doodle it up.
Here are the 3 easy steps I took to draw on a bike:
1. Wipe clean the area of the bike and remove the tires if possible.
2. Use decocolor fine tip and broad tip paint markers to draw on bike laid on ground.
3. Spray the painted area of bike with krylon low odor clear finish outdoors.
Laurie’s bike now matches her car.20120305-234933.jpg
I couldn’t resist posing with the bike too. Peace from the East…Bay!
I bought my parents and myself hamburgers afterwards. Thanks Laurie!

Yes! I finally drew a cover for a music cd! And it was for hip-hop! And the recording artist happens to be Asian like me! Come celebrate with us by downloading the music and artwork! The artwork for the mixtape is kind of in an inverse of my usual bold line doodle style. It goes awesomely with the hip-hop-funk style of Lyrics Born…if I do say so myself…ha ha. Go Check it out yo!

LBTV presents The Lyrics Born Variety Show Season 5 – World Premiere video:


These are the turtle steps I took to get my artwork on Travel Channel’s: Anthony Bourdain – The Layover – San Francisco
Step 1. Draw on lobby fire escape door for 10 hours.
Step 2. Watch it show up on tv for 1 sec.

The Hotel Des Arts lobby door I drew on can be seen at 2:52 in the video:

Thanks to &THEM for getting me into the Hotel Des Arts…thanks to GOOP for asking me to draw on the space with him…thanks to Hotel Des Arts for the opportunity to be a part of their building…and thanks to the cameraman for filming my artwork!

Drawing on a Mannequin

February 27, 2012

Started drawing on a mannequin yo.