Never Pay Regular Price For Art Supplies

March 30, 2012

Today, I bought some Micron pens for half the regular price. I love micron pens, and use them in my sketch book the most.
But Micron pens cost around $3 each, and to me that’s a lot.
So whenever Michaels has a 50% off 1 regular priced item, I go get a 6 pack. With the discount, each pen is around $1.50…half the regular price!
I might not need new Micron pens at the moment, but since the 50% coupon doesn’t come out every week I have to take advantage and stock up. Eventually, I’ll need fresh Micron pens. And getting the pens for half price is awesome. You can do the same with any art supply you regularly use yo!



6 Responses to “Never Pay Regular Price For Art Supplies”

  1. m33pblub said

    Never used a Micron Pen but I have to say I like your style on the drawings! Its like refined Phone-doodles!

  2. I agree. I print out and use my Michaels and Hobby Lobby coupons weekly. I sometimes think that if I bought in bulk on-line from some other site I could save more money in the long run, but that would take planning ahead! And when I need a certain kind of pen or paint, I want it right away. Oh well……..

  3. Looks good! I need to try those!

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