Turtle June

July 7, 2011

Last month I started doing a bunch of new things that I wanted to recap and share here in my blog yo.

I started drawing and developing my Turtle Comics again.

I did my first online turtle pin giveaway with &THEM, and drew some sketches to go along with the pins. Gained new online followers and friends…OH YEAAHH!!!!

I started drawing from fashion catalogs

got carried away and started

Turtle Vuitton

I started to have art sessions in my studio.

I decided to slowly transform my studio into a studio/gallery.

Although I’m still a ways from finishing my studio/gallery…my first real fan came by to check out the artist wall.

I also started to have music jam sessions in my studio. Various local musicians have come through to play instrumentals that I freestyle rhyme to. It’s my favorite way to take a break from drawing.

I completed my first commissioned family portrait piece! Thanks Chris!

I started volunteering at a Masonic Home. I use my art talents on whiteboards…

and arts and craft stuff

like this popsicle stick flag.

I also started drawing the workers at Paddy’s Coffee.

I have 1 or 2 more people to draw to complete the current generation of Paddy’s baristas. And then I might move on to…customers?

And that was my Turtle June. Turtle bless America…and you too. -twayne