The Turtle-Tee-Pokey

February 9, 2011

You put the shirt in,

You take the transfer plastic out;

You put more vinyl in,

And you heat press it all about.

You do the Hokey-Pokey,
And you turn yourself around.

That’s what it’s all about!


Year of the Rabbit

February 7, 2011

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Year of the rabbit my friends. While in the Chinese New Year spirit I made this tshirt.

I also turtle-fied all the zodiac animals a while back and today digitally remastered it to bring you this:
Turtle Wayne x 12 Zodiac Animals.

New People

February 6, 2011

Had some cool people and artists come through my studio these past couple of days. Met a dude from Below The Surface clothing line. Below The Surface and Turtle Wayne happen to be sticker neighbors on a metal box.

Randomly or not so randomly met a local street artist who also has a cartoonish style to his art and getting ready to build his online presence. Go Justin!

An artist I met at the Winter Art Show at Hotel Des Arts (still going on till mid March) visited me yesterday. I enjoyed the visit very much… Go Laura!

Last week I was saying to myself…man I should meet more artists and cool people this year…and man…I guess someone heard me.

If you a local artist in the East Bay…and cool…hit me up (

The Art of Swag

February 3, 2011

I have 99 problems but turtle pins ain’t one.

Fluorescent Green Turtle Wayne 1 inch round pins in production yo.

Today is the unofficial official superficial grand opening of my online gallery yo. You are welcomed to check it out.

Turtle Wayne's Art Gallery

Currently featured in my online gallery are my pieces from the 2010 Winter Art Show at Hotel Des Arts…Stories x The Step…curated by &THEM.

Turtle Wayne's Art Gallery