Last Painting of 2010

December 31, 2010

Finally found the energy to make something. Been holed up in my shell with a cold…the drips from the paint markers are like my nose.

I hope everyone has a good time bringing in the new year…HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Turtle Vision

December 28, 2010

I’ve been making…prototyping…developing all types of Turtle Wayne things lately. I see turtles on everything..I have turtle vision.

Here are some glasses I got at a party store and carefully placed a Turtle Wayne turtle vinyl decal on the lens. Messed with it in photoshop to make it look cool.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make myself look cool with photoshop…or by wearing the glasses. But don’t worry…I might not look cool…but I am.

Turtle Boba

December 26, 2010

Merry Turtlemas!

December 25, 2010

I wish you a Merry Turtlemas! I hope you get everything you want and want everything you got. Jingle shells all the way!

Turtle Monster Gloves

December 22, 2010

Dopeness Monster came to visit Turtle Wayne’s studio for first collaboration ever…Turtle Monster Gloves.

Created a few prototypes and kicked around ideas to make them doper.

A close-up of the Golden Turtle of Chaos Monster.

&THEM Card by Turtle Wayne

December 21, 2010

I made these crazy doodle cards for the &THEM curators to pass out during the opening reception at the Winter Art Show at Hotel des Arts (artwork will still be up until mid March).

I put each member into the drawing.

When I passed out my crazy doodle Turtle Wayne cards and showed how they connected…Neal of the &THEM crew said…”THAT IS SO SICK!!!!”  So I had the &THEM cards form that phrase when you connect them.

The &THEM crew passed out and autographed their cards at the opening reception of the Winter Art Show at Hotel des Arts. Guests were hunting down the four curators so they could collect all four cards and connect them. It was great.

Freestyled Gingerbread House

December 20, 2010

My latest masterpiece…was a collaboration with two strangers…in a gingerbread house building contest…at a holiday party this past weekend.

I poured in as much creativity and spontaneity within the time limitations…and maybe that’s why we lost. Our house was too avante-garde…way ahead of its time. The judge didn’t know what to make of our broccoli bushes…our anatomically correct gingerbread people…our use of KFC hot wings…and Rudolphio…the blue nosed dolphin…stranded on our gingerbread pathway.

It would of been nice to have taken the podium to explain the symbolism behind the starfish below our wreath…but sometimes that’s just how the gingerbread house crumbles.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Winter Art Show at Hotel Des Arts. I had a good time seeing familiar faces in new places and meeting new faces at those same places.

Group photo of the hotel staff, curators, and artists (most of these photos are courtesy of &THEM).

Me at my first group show…in my first group show pose.

The curators…&THEM…and Jeremy Fish (who has a painted room at the hotel).

Turtle Wayne: Hey Jessica…are the women you paint…are they real women?

Jessica Gill: No

Turtle Wayne: Hey JToddO…are you trying to start some art beef with Turtle Wayne?

JToddO: No…yes…maybe.

Turtle Wayne: Hey Gun…our styles are very similar.

Gun: Yeah.

Doing my handsome boy modeling pose next to my artwork.

Close-up of the cards I made for the &THEM curators.

Francis and Chevonne and the card.

Had all four curators sign their cards…so I can keep for memories.

I stayed at the painted room by David Choe.

A bunch of people I met at the show really wanted to check out the room. So I gave a few room tours.

You know it’s a good time when you don’t get to bed till 3am in the morning.

Thanks again to everyone for making my first group art show opening an awesome one!

Opening Night!

December 16, 2010


Time: Thursday, December 16 · 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Location    Hotel des Arts, 447 Bush st, San Francisco, CA

See you there man! -Turtle Wayne

Article about Turtle Wayne  on Union City Patch.

Artist Wayne Chan has doodled since he was in middle school. Now his freestyle art is being shown at an esteemed San Francisco art gallery.

Thanks Zoneil Maharaj!

Turtle Wayne Comes Out of His Shell

Thanks to everyone!